Terms & Conditions

Rules and Regulations for the e Library:-

  1. Access is restricted only to research scholars/teachers involved with Social Science Research.
  2. Entry to the library is allowed only after producing the ID Card of the research scholar / teacher.
  3. The e Library is meant for Academic research pertaining to social sciences only and any misuse of the library (playing games, chatting, sending personal e – mails) will not be allowed.
  4. CD’s, Pen Drives, Floppies/any other external devices are strictly prohibited.
  5. Printing facility is also available for free of cost.
  6. Information that has been downloaded can be sent to their own e mail IDs.
  7. Each person is given a maximum time of 1–2 hours of usage time. She/He has to make way for the others as per the waiting list.
  8. During Research Methodology Workshops, scholars/students will not be given priority.