Online Seminar/ Conference/ Research Methodology Course

Guidelines for Applicants


The ICSSR- SRC in its endeavor to encourage and promote Social Science Research in Southern Region on important issues of social sciences, provides partial financial assistance to organize State, Regional, National Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/ Symposiums / Research Methodology Courses in Online Mode. The proposalshould be of relevance in terms of Research Development and Policy.

The grants are given to the social science faculties for organizing the said programmes in various social science disciplines is as under:

1. Economics
2. Management
3. Commerce
4. Sociology
5. Social Work
6. Social Anthropology
7. Cultural Studies
8. Socio-Sanskrit Studies
9. Socio-Philosophical Studies
10. Social Linguistics
11. Gender Studies
12. Health Studies
13. Political Science
14. International Studies
15. Public Administration
16. Diaspora Studies
17. National Security and Strategic Studies
18. Education
19. Social Psychology
20. Legal Studies
21. Social Geography
22. Environmental Studies
23. Modern Social History
24. Media Studies
25. Library Science

1. General Guidelines

1.1 Objectives

1.1.1. To provide partial financial assistance for organizing Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposia / Research Methodology Coursesin Online Modeon the themes of contemporary relevance and policy-oriented issues in different disciplines of social science and interdisciplinary social science areas with national or international participation and perspective.

1.1.2. The overall objective is to promote the online Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposiums/ Research Methodology Courses that facilitate exchange of views among research scholars and contribute to and enhance the quality of existing social science research.

1.2. Nature and Scope of the Proposal

1.2.1. The theme of the online State, Regional, National Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposiums / Research Methodology Coursesproposal must be within the purview of social sciences. The proposals that do not have significant social science content and perspective, shall not be considered.

1.2.2. The proposals on relevant social science themes should be focused, coherent and realistic in their coverage and scope. The academic background of the convener and paper presenters must be in conformity with the theme of the proposed Seminar. The paper presenters and key speakers must be largely social science researchers and academicians.

1.2.3. The Concept Note must specify (a) Background (b) Objectives (c) the research questions being addressed in the seminar (d) Main Themes (e) the sub-themes (f) possible contribution of the Seminar outcome to the existing body of social science research/policy relevance.

1.2.4. As a whole the proposals should be well-conceived on themes of significant social science concerns, inviting broad, interdisciplinary and national, regional level participation and debate.

2. Eligibility Criteria for Award

2.1 The organizing institution, to which the grant shall be released, should be from the following categories from the Southern Region

a. A Government/Public Funded University/Institution/College recognized by the UGC

b. A Government/ Public Funded Research Institution recognized by ICSSR

c. A Government Aided Institution /College recognized by UGC

d. If Others, please provide the details

2.2. An applicant is an individual faculty from social sciences, applying through his/her Institution, he/she can apply only once in a financial year.

2.3. The Centre shall not consider for funding the proposals received from Adhoc/Contract Faculty from the Universities

3. How to Apply

3.1. The online Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/ Research Methodology Coursesapplications should be submitted in the prescribed format along with all the requisite Annexures.

3.2.The proposals completed in all respects must be sent by post to the ICSSR well in advance,at least 2 months before the due date of the Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposiums/ Research Methodology Courses.

3.3. A scanned copy of the proposal duly completed in all respects can be sent as an advance copy at However, the hard copy of the application must reach the ICSSR-SRC within 10 days after submission of the scanned copy.

3.4. The submission of reports and audited accounts as per the prescribed format mentioned in the concerned Sanction Order, is mandatory and should be submitted within 10 days of completion of the Seminar/Conference in Online Mode. Non-submission of reports and audited accounts will debar the Seminar Convener/ Non Public funded Organization from future ICSSR-SRC funding. Poor quality of report will make it difficult to seek future funding under the ICSSR-SRC schemes.

The proposals should consist of the following:

1.The duly filled in Application Form for organizing Seminar/ Conferences/Workshop in Online Mode (Download Application Form at

2. The Forwarding Letter and Undertaking from the Registrar/Principal/Director/ Head of the Department of host University/Institution (Download the Format at

3. Detailed Concept Note (500-1000 words) with Main Themes, Sub-themes along with the research questions being addressed in the seminar and the possible contribution of the seminar outcome to the existing body of social science research, as Annexure IA. The tentative session-wise programme mentioning the topic of each session and its presenters as Annexure IB. The lists of national and international paper presenters and speakers with their respective affiliations as Annexure IC.

4. A brief CV of the Convener/Director of the seminar (in 3-4 pages) as Annexure II.

5. A ‘Caste Certificate’ or ‘Person with Disability Certificate’ from the competent authority in case the seminar convener belongs to the SC/ST category or a Person with Disability as Annexure III.

4. Procedure for Award of Grant

4.1. All the proposals that are complete as per the prescribed format, shall be evaluated by an Expert Committee nominated for the purpose by the Chairman, ICSSR-SRC. Approvals/rejections of proposals shall be as per the recommendations of the Committee.

4.2. The Expert Committee meetings will be held three times in the months of July, October and January in the financial year.

4.3. The Centre extends financial support upto the maximum period of 3days even though the programme is designed for more than 3 days.

4.4. The Centre shall not consider for funding the proposals received from other than social sciences disciplines.

4.5. The seminar director needs to share the meeting link to the SRC for monitoring the online Seminars / Workshops/ Conferences / Symposia / Research Methodology Course

4.6. In case of online Research Methodology Course, the seminar director need to share the soft copies of the course material / lecture material collected from the resource persons to the participants in advance

4.7. Budget Head

4.7.1. Online Seminar/ Conferences/Workshop

Table No. 1: Budget Head wise funds Allocation for conducting online seminar (per day)

S. No.
Expenditure Head
Unit Cost
Maximum Limit In Rupees
1 Honorarium to Key invited Paper Writers, Chairs, Co-Chairs and Panel Speakers (Maximum 6 Resource Persons per day) Honorarium Outside the State / Within the State Resource Persons per session Rs.2,500/- per session Rs.15,000/- per day
Local Resource Person per session Rs.2,000/- per session
2 Website Development* Upto Rs.30,000/- or actual whichever is lower as one time grant Upto Rs.30,000/- or actual
3 Purchase of digital platform (example- Google Meet, Microsoft Team etc.) Rs.2,000/- Rs.2,000/- per entire Programme
4 Technical Support Rs.500/- Rs.500/- per day
5 Contingency (including Stationery, Course Material, Online Publicity, etc) Rs.5,000/- Rs.5,000/- per entire Programme
Note: The duration of each session is one and half hour (90 Minutes). One Resource person may be assigned to the maximum of 2 sessions in the entire course. However, one resource person can be assigned more than two sessions in the entire programme in case the resource person has expertise in dealing some statistical packages or model, where there is a need for earmarking more than two sessions such as SPSS.

*Upto Rs.30,000/ or actual whichever is lower may be considered as one time grant where a seminar website is needed. However, the applicants are supposed to seek a special permission from the SRC and allow the SRC to inspect the website. Further, this provision may be extended for the programmes designed for a period of two days or more

4.7.2. Online Research Methodology Course

Table No. 2: Online Research Methodology Course (per day)

S. No.
Expenditure Head
Unit Cost (Rs.)
Maximum Limit In Rupees


Outside the state Resource Persons per session

Within the state Resource Persons per session

Local Resource Persons (from the same city) per session

2,500/- per session

2,500/- per session

2,000/- per session

7,500/- Per day
Course Director Co-Course Director 500/-per day 400/-per day 500/- per day 400/- per day
2 Purchase of digital platform (example- Google Meet, Microsoft Team etc.) 2,000/- 2,000/- for entire programme
3 Technical Support 500/- per day 500/- per day
4 Contingency (including Stationery, Course Material, Online Publicity, Printing of Certificates etc.) 5,000/- 5,000/-for entire programme
Note: The duration of each session is one and half hour (90 Minutes). There shall be atleast 3 lectures per day followed by a detailed discussion / interaction with the participants in case of online Research Methodology Course. Resource person may be assigned to the maximum of 2 sessions in the entire course.

5. Monitoring/Release of Funds

The financial and other terms and conditions will be as follows:

5.1 The Institution/Organization shouldinform the Southern Regional Centre about any financial assistance received from other sources.

5.2. The approved funds will be released in two installments. The first installment of 80% of the sanctioned amount will be released on receipt of the Advance Receipt Grant-In-Aid Bill. (The Advance Receipt for the amount of funds to be released should be signed by the authorized finance officer (e.g. Registrar, Principal, Finance Officer, Director, etc., of the Organization where money is to be released).

5.3. The second and final installment of 20% or less, as the case may be, will be released after the conclusion of the Online on receipt of a) A Brief seminar Report, and b) A Detailed seminar Report (2 copies, hard-bound and also email the soft at, c) Audited head-wise statement of accounts and utilization certificate (on 19-A Form) of the entire sanctioned amount, duly certified by the auditor/ finance officer, in case, the grantee organization is a central university, along with the either original or photo copy of the supporting bills. These must be in accordance with the prescribed format as specified in the concerned Sanction Order. The submission of reports and audited accounts as per the prescribed format mentioned in the concerned Sanction Order, is mandatory and should be submitted within 10 days of completion of the Seminar/Conference in Online Mode.

5.4. The accounts relating to the seminar grant will be made available for internal as well as external audit.

5.5. The grantee organization shall be liable to refund the entire grant amount together with the interest @ 10% from the date of encashment of the cheque in case the event did not take place within the stipulated period or the financial year for which the grant had been released.

5.6. The decision of the Honorary Director, ICSSR-SRC on the question whether there has been breach or violation of any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein as well as in the sanction order/letter, shall be final and binding on the grantee.

6. Obligation of the Forwarding Institution

6.1. The forwarding institution, through which ICSSR-SRC grant will be administered, has to provide, an undertaking to administer and manage the ICSSR grant, as per the terms and conditions of the grant as prescribed by ICSSR and provide logistical support for the execution of the grant under the format given in the approval/sanction letter.

6.2. The institution should ensure that the Convener/Director of the seminar submits a detailed report within 10 days after the Seminar/Conference/ Workshop/ Symposiumin Online Mode.

6.3. The forwarding institution must submit in the prescribed format a utilization certificate and audited statement of accounts for the total expenditure incurred on the Seminar/Conference/Workshop/Symposium in Online Modealong with the original or photo copy of the supporting bills and refund the unspent amount of the grant, if any.

6.4. In case of non-fulfillment of any of the Terms & Conditions, the applicant/ organisation will not be eligible for further support under any of the schemes of ICSSR-SRC.

Applications, complete in all respects, should be addressed to:

The Honorary Director
Indian Council of Social Science Research
Southern Regional Centre
(Ministry of Education, Govt. of India)
Osmania University Main Library Building, Hyderabad – 500 007

Note:- Please keep ready the following documents for uploading before filling the online application form

1. Passport Size Photo
2. CV
3. Detailed Concept Note with main and sub-themes
4. Tentative Session-Wise Programme Schedule
5. Tentative List of National and International Paper Presenters and Speakers
6. Caste Certificate for reserved categories (if applicable)
7. Person with Disability Certificate (if applicable)
8. Digital Signature
9. Forwarding Letter
10. Budget Estimation

Format of Budget Estimation

Format of Forwarding Letter