What your online profile says about you

You’ve got to show your best self. Your profile is your first impression, and it’s essential to make sure that it’s professionally done, memorable, and attractive. 

While there are no real solid rules for how to create an effective dating profile, these few guidelines will  aid you get the most number of possible dates with Buffalo escorts from your efforts.


It’s really important to have the right photos on your profile as these are the first thing people will see. Your picture should be recent, and show you in a positive light. 

You should have at least three photos: one of just your face, one that shows your body, and one with an activity such as playing with a dog. It’s also good to avoid any pictures where there are lots of other people in them.

Sexy girl wearing lingerie.

Your online profile is a reflection of you, but it’s also a snapshot in time. Most would be tempted to use a good old picture but when the person meets you, they might get disappointed if you look decades older than your pic. 

To The Point 

Your profile should be well-written, but don’t use too many words or it will come across as a soliloquy. Just put relevant highlights as it is not an application form. 

Highlight your most attractive features and personality traits yet hold off from providing too much personal information. The last thing anyone wants from their potential partner is an exorbitant amount of baggage. Be aware that sensitive information should not be posted in public for security reasons. 

Don’t Try Too Hard

Don’t lie on your profile. This sounds obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy to do. If you’re trying to impress someone, or make yourself seem more interesting than you are in reality, then you might have difficulty keeping up the facade forever. 

Don’t make up facts about yourself and fabricate details about where and when certain events happened in order to seem more impressive. Also avoid exaggerating achievements, it might seem harmless, but bragging is not going to get you very far. 

It’s a dating profile, not a job application, so show your likable personality. Also, don’t try too hard to prove yourself worthy of attention.

Don’t Give Up 

Online dating is complicated and has no rules, but you can get results with the right approach. It is a numbers game, and be patient in this journey. If someone isn’t right for us because they aren’t similar enough in terms of personality, lifestyle choices and priorities then there’s no point pretending otherwise. 

Don’t expect results right away, and don’t be too choosy. Don’t give up after one or two dates if things aren’t going well. Note that you will meet thousands of people, choose only a few dates, and be loyal to one. 

In Conclusion

It’s not all just about finding your soul mate. If you’re looking for love or even just a casual hookup, there are plenty of ways to meet people online and offline. It’s the journey of life to meet people and hopefully, find the right one.