How to read her personality only out of her online dating profile

Bending the truth in your online dating profile is fine, but overdoing it can deter potential matches. Stick to slight exaggerations only.

A bio or about me section should complement the photos and prompts you answer on Bumble and Hinge. Tell a story, be anecdotal and showcase your personality.

For example, if you want to convey that you’re kind, write about how you once waited at the animal shelter for three hours.

1. Look at her profile picture

Every time someone scrolls through your online profile they make a judgement call within a split second. They decide if you’re likable, trustworthy and smart.

Life coach and City, University of London graduate Tighinean has gone viral sharing psychology tips on TikTok with over 1.2 million followers, and she claims your profile picture can say a lot about your personality.

For instance, she says extroverts tend to use colorful pictures showing them surrounded by people, while introverts may opt for darker, more monochrome photos. The latter often feature them wearing black and keeping their arms folded close to their body.

Also, wide eyes can come across as fearful and vulnerable, while a slight squinch shows confidence and comfort, Tighinean adds. However, she stresses that you can’t rely on one photo to judge a person.

2. Look at her bio

When it comes to her bio, many online dating sites and apps give users a small amount of text space in which to describe themselves. These descriptions are a first impression and can convey a lot about a person.

It’s also important to make sure that your description of yourself is accurate. For example, if you list that you’re a gym rat but your pictures don’t reflect this, this could be a red flag.

In addition, avoid using text-speak or shorthand in your bio. It’s hard to read and can give the wrong impression of your communication style. Also, never include negative statements about yourself or a past relationship in your profile; it’s a major turnoff.

3. Look at her photos

The first impression a person gets from seeing your photos will have an impact on their likeability and attitude toward you, Chaudhry says. He recommends photos that show off your smile and head tilt, as well as ones that aren’t too close up and show you in action. Lastly, avoid photos with your face covered or looking down at the camera. It’s not flattering and makes you look superior to others. Online dating profiles have limited space, so be selective about the things you choose to prioritize.

4. Look at her interests

It’s important that hobbies and interests are a good representation of her personality. For example, if she likes “long walks on the beach” and “drinking wine in front of a fire,” this could be an indicator that she’s pretty laid-back, adventurous and independent.

On the other hand, if she only talks about her X-files obsession and how surprised she is that people are considering online dating, it might signal that she’s more cynical and superior than someone who doesn’t have an issue with it.

Negativity in general is a huge no-no, and it’s especially important not to include a disclaimer in your profile saying you don’t want to date anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs or lifestyle. It’s just off-putting. Instead, imply it or tell her something about yourself that’s unique and interesting.

5. Look at her hobbies

Men and women are often quite different in their interests, but a person’s hobbies and interests can also give you clues as to what you might have in common with someone. Having a similar love of books and movies can be a great way to break the ice.

It’s important to keep in mind that people often lie in their online dating profiles, so be sure not to take what she says at face value. Also, don’t try to make yourself seem smarter than you are by adding in your profile that you’re a Shakespearean scholar, as this could be an instant turn-off.

It’s also best to avoid cliches, as these are often read by other women as condescending. A good rule of thumb is to keep it brief and professional – much like on a job resume.